The LEAK continued

I thought I’d best update you all about the leak……. I am aware that many have been losing sleep wondering about our tank ……… rather late I know but hey ho!


We left the boat on 14th October having drained absolutely all the water we possibly could out of the tank. The intention was to return with Chris Langley asap to remove and replace the tank. Much discussion to work out the best way to get the stuff to Bruges & to do the job. We agreed that using Tek-tanks plastic tanks in series would be the best option. One large tank could not get into the boat so 6 smaller tanks were the answer. Chris was drawing up the spec, getting a quote from Tek-tanks & deciding what extra help he would  need. Things were moving and we were off to Egypt to meet my sister and to see Aida on the Nile (more on this to come).

First Chris & Helen had to get back to Ipswich (still in Calais on their boat at this point) and then get the gear & organise to go out to Bruges as soon as poss. All seemed to be going swimmingly! Then at the end of Oct we learnt that Chris had had an argument with the winch on his boat when preparing to leave Calais and had injured his hand …….. he’d had to call out the coastguard to take him off the boat & to hospital where he needed a couple of operations! Ouch!!

Needless to say they ended up staying in Calais a lot longer ……they  finally managed to get back to Ipswich in December. We went to visit them at their berth at Pin Mill in January to review where the job was at and to plan the rest. Pin Mill is an interesting place to moor. It’s really odd to go to sleep with the boat resting on the mud and to wake to find her floating as the tide had come in overnight! There are  lovely coastal walks and the greatest fish and chips at the pub.

We had a plan, but, as always, things happened and Chris had other work to do & we were going away for whole of Feb (more of this to come)  ……… so when we returned home at the beginning of March it was back to the planning calls. By this time we were hearing more and more about Coronavirus. Tek-tanks delivered the tanks to Bruges by courier and Chris and Adrian drove out to Bruges on 11th March. Chris worked hard to cut up & remove the old tank. He thought he might use the base of the old tank as a platform for the new tanks. However, this turned out to be impractical and so they had to source a suitable ply base. Not easy as things were beginning to shut down. By the Saturday it was obvious that they needed some extra plumbing bits (height change by use of board) from UK.

Concerned that they might get locked in in Belgium if they hung about waiting for the parts, they made a dash for home on the Sunday! The plan being to get said parts and then do a quick nip back to Bruges for the extra day’s work to complete the installation. It soon became obvious that this was unrealistic / impossible if not downright foolhardy!

So, Piedaleau remains in Bruges with the water tanks incomplete!

In the grand scheme of things, given what’s going on throughout the world, it’s no big deal! At some point, when we can return to the boat we will get the water tanks operational again. We aren’t there, can’t be there so have no need of water tanks at present. This saga certainly seems to be dragging on and on……….

In the meantime we are at home in UK, staying home and doing all we can to remain well and safe. I shall try and catch up with a couple of extra blogs about our recent, and potentially final travels (certainly changed our view of long distance travel) during this time so you may well hear more from me in the next few ‘lock down’ weeks.


Wishing all our friends, both near and far, & your families and friends, lots of love & virtual hugs at this time. Keep well and safe.     Jenny & Adrian xxx



Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

4 thoughts on “The LEAK continued”

  1. wondering how you both are. You look great…. as well as can be expected. After fires, heat, floods, hail storms and more heat over the dreadful summer of 2019-20, with notifications to be prepared twice to evacuate……we have survived to be put into locldown – again, so it’s really great to hear from you.  Compounding all your troubles, I hope you are not sorry to have bought the boat, but at least it has given you a lot of pleasure, along with the pain. All very quiet here. I’ve had the ensuite finished – looks unrecognisable! I’ve moved into the front bedroom, with the new ensuite, for the winter. The workmen are using the back bedroom to store stuff while they work on the back bathroom. Sophie advised us about what films to see for the March-April French film festival. Margaret and I managed to see 5 before the theatres were closed.  Sophie meanwhile is in isolation with the Paris family of 2 babies, 2 dogs and Moroccan daughter in law at their home in the countryside. Sophie is so fed up – she is planning her holiday to Oz next year for the Film Festival to be with me. I sent her a few pix of the new ensuite, parrots, wildlife to keep her amused!  Not counting on overseas travel anytime soon! Margaret’s daughter bought a 1960’s house which they are renovating and Margaret is also gardening a lot. So we both have our covid projects. No-one is on holidays of course, so I have no dogs, and no social life, either. But at least now, we have lots of lovely fresh air once more, lovely autumn colours to admire, gorgeous forest walks with lots of birdlife daily, and lots of interesting international tv programs, dvds to catch up on, and lots of books.  All is relatively ok! So what shall we do with our BIG birthdqys this year….. very little I feel, so maybe we shall just have to defer this year’s birthdays and celebrate whenever.  Margaret and I had been planning Portugal, Ireland, France with a side visit to see friends in the UK…… watch this space, I guess. cheers, and keep calm and wear the masks, xoxoxo Nadine


  2. Hi Jenny and Adrian, glad you are OK, such awful times and you are in the best place. The tanks can wait. We are also in lockdown but doing well comparatively, the US is a mess. Bern and Henk down in Dunsborough and we have regional closure too so they are stuck there! No trip in May on Bernadette either. But we talk and email constantly. My 80 th celebrations came to a grinding halt! Son Bill managed to cook a fabulous dinner party for 24 just before lockdown! But all else was cancelled particularly Bills trip for me to UK and France. Will let you know when, if, that eventuates. Keep well and safe and wearing those charming masks. Xxx Anne


  3. Hi Jenny,
    Good to hear from you. We are into our 5th week of isolation now. Have got most things sorted shopping wise, and just trying to keep focused and busy! Thankfully we have the garden, so have started a bit of veg growing😄 it’s been many years since we did, because we are never normaly home to take care of them!
    We had all the seating taken off Royal Tartan just before all this virus thing kicked off. So, like you, the seating is not being made now, but as you say, no matter as we cant be there🙄 Keep well and safe Both of you and yours.

    Jill 🥰🥰🥰

    Jill Pinnock
    Company Director
    mb 07774460669


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