Cruising the Caribbean

We returned home on 15th January – just time to get the washing done and the cases packed before flying off to the sunshine of the Caribbean to cruise the Windward islands on a tall ship!


The Royal Clipper is a steel-hulled five-masted fully rigged tall ship used as a cruise ship. She was designed by Polish naval architect Zygmunt Choreń, for Star Clippers Ltd. of Sweden.

Length135 m     Weight5,000 tons   

Capacity227 passengers (Max)  Crew106

Royal Clipper is an great for people like us, who aren’t big on cruising, but adore sailing. Billed as the world’s largest full-rigged sailing ship (it’s got a Guinness World Records certificate to prove it), this five-masted beauty is a throwback to another era. Built in 2000, it’s modeled on the Preussen, the largest and fastest deepwater sailing ship of its day. The freight-carrier set sail in 1902, but suffered an early demise eight years later, after a collision with a steamship left it broken on the cliffs of Dover. Do look up Royal Clipper on Youtube!
After a couple of days in Barbados to settle into the delightfully warm climate and to adjust to the time difference we joined the Royal Clipper on 27th Jan for a week’s absolute bliss – can’t describe how much we enjoyed it!
Visited:   Rodney Bay, St Lucia;   Deshaies, Guadaloupe;   Falmouth Harbour, Antigua;   Besseterre, St Kitts;   Terre de Haut, Iles des Saintes;   Anse d’Arlet, Martinique;  Returned to Bridgetown, Barbados.
 We met some great people; ate lots of good food; visited some beautiful places; did some silly things. But the sheer beauty of the sails being hoisted to the strains of the  “Conquest Of Paradise” by Vangelis  is unbelievable! That first evening we drank champagne up on deck as the crew worked away and the ship sailed off majestically!






Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

2 thoughts on “Cruising the Caribbean”

  1. We tried to do this a few years ago…something cropped up and we missed out. So, our dream too, lucky lucky you. Looks and sounds utterly divine! Xxx


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