We arrived in Namur on Thursday and moored on the wall in front of the Casino. Neither of us are gamblers (despite my trip to Las Vegas a few years ago) so we’ll give that one a miss.

Another fortified town at the junction of two rivers – the Meuse and the Sambre – with a huge citadelle, visible for miles around, overlooking the town. We had decided not to visit another citadelle but then found ourselves climbing up the steps to the ramparts and really enjoying walking around the site which has been made into a recreational area for all. Fabulous views, a visitors’ centre, beautiful mediaeval inspired gardens, a chateau with a superb looking restaurant (we were told, quite snootily, that they were booked months ahead when we tried to book for Sunday brunch!), cafés, an events area plus wonderful walks.


We have also enjoyed wandering around the old town and sampling both the beers and the ice creams in between walking and visiting museums. Most notably the Provincial Museum of Ancient Arts from Namur – Treasure of Oignies. Stunning religious craftmanship from as far back as the 13th century.



Today, Sunday, we are off for a more appropriate late birthday lunch at a TripAdvisor recommended restaurant before watching the Wimbledon men’s final. Tomorrow we head up to Beez to prepare to leave the boat for a month whilst we return home to do all sorts of exciting things. So this will be my last post until we return in August to continue our exploration of the Belgian waterways.

I had to include these photos of a graffiti artist at work on a shop window



Author: mistyjf

I enjoy spending time with family and friends; boating; and travelling – especially France! So, in 2009, I linked all these things together and shipped my boat, Misty Morning, to France. I spend as much time as possible cruising the French inland waterways. I have lots of fun, some adventures and have met some great people along the way…. I now have a new partner, Adrian, and we have a new boat together. The story continues on Piedaleau ……..

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