I like Rheims…..

We arrived in Rheims on Tuesday 13th June ready to meet up with Andries, Corrie and Ashley (can’t forget Ashley!) the next day. They did 3 long days in order to get to Rheims so that we could get together in this beautiful city. We have kept in touch since we first met 3 years ago in Sancerre but we had not moored together since.

That evening we went to dinner in a restaurant Adrian found on TripAdvisor (another good find) as had the Danish couple on the boat beside us. I was not feeling particularly well but managed a  good dinner & a couple of glasses of the local special brew – champagne of course!

Next morning, not so good at all. Rang a local doctor at 8.40am, saw her at 9.00am, collected medication and we were having coffee and croissants so I could take the meds by 9.30am. I had developed shingles. Now I had a bout of this in 2007 after Tom died – not many people get it more than once (about 7% allegedly) but this fact doesn’t make me feel at all lucky.

We had a super evening with Corrie and Andries (& Ashley of course) on board Piedaleau and it was absolutely great to catch up.


We planned to visit the Pommery Champagne house (I have previously been to Taitanger & Mumm at Rheims) but the next morning I was in no fit state to go anywhere. So I stayed in bed while Adrian, Corrie and Andries went off together for tours of Pommery and they kindly took photos for me… Corrie even got Andries to put them on a Pommery USB stick. Thanks both!

We all stayed longer in Rheims than originally intended which enabled us to see one another and for me to rest & keep taking the tablets. Luckily I had caught it really early and so the anti viral meds dampened the infection quickly thereby preventing the development of the rash / spots. Just as well given the rising temperatures. Adrian and I both enjoyed walking round the city admiring the architecture and seeing some of the sights. Unfortunately the Roman Gate was completely covered in scaffolding and ‘cling film’ and the Forum wasn’t accessible either! But on Saturday evening the 4 of us (& Ashley of course) went out to dinner near the Forum and then into the Cathedral Square to watch the Son et Lumiere. Spectacular display and very intricately done. So nice to be able to walk around a beautiful city on a warm summer’s night.

Sunday involved more wandering, exchanging boating type information – Andries and Corrie have come down through Belgium several times so this was very helpful for us – and a drink or two before Abraham J & Piedaleau headed orf in different directions once again. Hope we manage to catch up again soon – they may come to visit us whilst we are in Bruges this winter. Would be great!



En route to Rheims we saw this little delight and nicknamed it ‘Shedaleau’ cos that’s what it looks like – a shed on the water – presumably a fisherman’s delight.

P.S. Adrian requests I formally thank Andries for solving the mystery of the non-functioning battery monitor – he pushed the cable firmly and all worked! x

Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

2 thoughts on “I like Rheims…..”

  1. Oh you poor luv! Nasty things shingles, Tony had them on his bum when having radiation…not much fun. Get better soon and take care. Xxx Annie and Tony


  2. Hi Annie – I’m fine having caught it really early – no spots and just some discomfort on my back at times but I can wear a bra again now! Hope all’s well with you xxx


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