Sojourn at home…

We returned home (why do we leave when its so beautiful when the sun shines?) for a week’s family oriented stuff and a rest from boat problems & projects. Adrian had a whole week without crawling around Piedaleau’s hidden places!

He spent most of his time in Hemel Hempstead helping William research cars and driving lessons. Unfortunately they didn’t have time to complete a purchase but William has learnt the value of expert help / reports – the car they thought sounded appropriate for William proved to be a wreck according to the AA assessment. William is now starting lessons and will continue the car hunt.

In the meantime I went up to Lincoln to see Lisa and Freddie and took him to his Occupational Therapy review appointment. He has come on tremendously well in all areas – even his football skills have improved – but he is still reticent to try cycling again. At school he is achieving good levels in all subjects, especially maths, only writing remains challenging for him – takes longer and requires a lot more effort than for most kids of his age. The OT was very impressed with his progress and plans to revisit school when he goes into his next class in September. She can make contact with the next teacher and explain Freddie’s needs which seems to have been very beneficial this year. His teacher really took on board her advice. I may have explained previously, but in Lincolnshire such input is not provided under the health system (as it is in Cambridgeshire where I live for example) – children with DCD (developmental co-ordination disorder) do not qualify for OT input even though significant improvement can be achieved by receiving help and advice early on for the child, the family and the school. ¬†Initially we paid for this input for Freddie but 2 years ago, when Lisa decided Freddie needed further input, we found this OT who has access to charitable funds for her services for children in Lincolnshire. A godsend for Lisa, as she is in control and no longer has to ask me to fund this for Freddie, as she could not possibly afford to do so herself. And, of course, for Freddie who is now doing very well and should be much better able to cope with the change to senior school in a year’s time.

I was also very pleased to meet Lisa’s new beau, really nice caring sort of guy. They seem well suited and go off and do lots of fun things together. He has 3 kids and everyone seems to get on well with each other! Good luck to them!!

On Saturday Lisa and I visited the Bishop’s Palace beside the Cathedral in Lincoln. Delightfully peaceful site overlooking the city. It was the official residence of the medieval bishops – first built by Robert de Chesney in late 1150s on land given to him by Henry II. It was probably the earliest medieval domestic stone building in the city. It had to cater for both public and private functions, modifications and additions made over 3 centuries to meet the changing requirements of successive bishops.

A real gem, well presented with an interesting audio guide. Lisa has lived there for 14 years now and we had never visited before.

Lisa then treated me to afternoon tea en route to collect Freddie from his guitar lesson.

Adrian and I were finally at home together in time for a most enjoyable BBQ at Tom and Pat’s in Buckden which enabled us to catch u with the ‘aqua-crew’ before preparing to return to the boat on Monday 29th. We decided to leave both cars at home so that we wouldn’t have to try and leapfrog a car along with us this time, so we returned by Eurostar. The queues were awful at St Pancras due to it being a Bank Holiday Monday and to increased security following the horrendous event in Manchester. Some people were moaning about this but we believe a little extra waiting is worth safety of one and all.

We have visitors at home – in the eaves – House Martins have really set up home!


Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

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