Almost there….

A quick update before we return home for a week to do family-type things – Adrian is helping William with decisions re buying a car and I am going up to Lincoln to see Lisa and to take Freddie for a follow up Occupational Therapy appointment. He really has made a tremendous amount of progress this year. Really proud of him and of how Lisa has fought to get him the help he needs.

So we (ie Adrian) have changed the in-line water filter thereby stopping the leak! Received the right plumbing bits to plumb in the dishwasher – Concita looks good and works well. And after much research and thinking through Adrian has managed to install solar panels and a very sophisticated control unit so that he can see what’s happening in the system and alert us in case of any problems eg shore power outage!!

We really don’t want a repeat performance of this year’s issues. The guy in the Capitainerie actually said that they should have offered to check on the electric supply each week as they do for clients they know are far away! Wish we’d asked but they really are not the most organised Capitainerie. Nice people but not exactly organised.

Jean-Paul came to help us with the final installation & fixing of the panels

and then today we had an unexpected offer of help with the carpentry for the installation of the control unit from another boater.

Martin and Clausse both work at the Opera in the Place de la Bastille in Paris – he’s a cabinet maker who builds scenery for the productions & she is a violinist in the orchestra. It was so nice to meet them and for Martin to cut a perfect hole for the unit. Adrian was really pleased!

They really have an interesting plan for their retirement in a few years time. They are restoring a hundred year old chalk with the aim of setting up mobile boat based arts events to compliment the art and music centre they plan for their large house in the Charente. Hope to keep in touch so that we can see how it all progresses. Really meet some interesting people along the way.

So we now have a fully operational boat! Yeah!! Really feels luxurious!!!

We also have more crew to join Aunt Maud (little trolley) and Uncle Henry (large trolley). Welcome aboard Bill & Ben (solar panels) & Conchita (dishwasher).

We return on 29th for a couple of days tidying up before finally starting this year’s cruising adventures.

Author: mistyjf

I enjoy spending time with family and friends; boating; and travelling – especially France! So, in 2009, I linked all these things together and shipped my boat, Misty Morning, to France. I spend as much time as possible cruising the French inland waterways. I have lots of fun, some adventures and have met some great people along the way…. I now have a new partner, Adrian, and we have a new boat together. The story continues on Piedaleau ……..

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