Can you Adam & Eve it?

Pride comes before a fall …….. don’t count your chickens ……… etc etc etc ……… or maybe I just didn’t touch wood!

We now have too much water – in the bilge that is!! Having located the source (!) of the problem, (water filter unit under the sink) I bailed out about 200 liters from the bilge while Adrian tried to mend the fault. What a way to spend an absolutely gloriously sunny afternoon! And it’ll be back to the walk of shame until a replacement part arrives. Thank goodness we didn’t stay any longer in St Jean.

To say I am slightly peed orf would be an understatement!

This also meant that no progress was made towards the solar panels. We have to go home next week so goodness only knows if we’ll manage to be ready to leave here on June 1st.

Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

6 thoughts on “Can you Adam & Eve it?”

  1. Hi Jenny, The highs and lows of owning a boat eh? All I can say is keep your chin up😩 things can only get better??? xxxx

    Kind Regards
    Jill Pinnock

    JPH-Group Inc, JP Hygiene, Glassbar and Million Dollar Design


  2. Oh my, me hearties! What a saga. And at his end, Henk’s batteries didn’t arrive.,.Bern now there in Muscat to pack up and will be amongst you all very soon…I am green! Xxx


  3. Oh you poor things, as if you havnt had enough to put up with.
    We wish we could have been there to give you a hand or two.
    We have just about got Le Gannet organised, new starter battery, new pressure release valve, and a bit of grunt and strain to get the filler caps orrrrffff. Good luck guys. Love John and Michele xx


  4. Hi Jenny! You appear to be in good company. We arrived in France late on Saturday to find that our “new” old boat had been delivered to us with half the contracted repairs not completed and no work done to add the new gear we had ordered last November. Friends in Corre arrived a couple of weeks ago and will not even be in the water for another week or two. If all the disappointed boaters in France were to band together as a political party we could become at least the official opposition here but what good would that do?

    On the bright side, it is good to be back in France and I write this with the sweet background music of power tools working away so we remain optimistic. Would you care to bet a bottle of cremant on who will get away first?

    BTW, our new boat will be called “Madawaska.” Drop over when you next see us and we will explain the name over a glass of wine.

    Steve and Truus Sharp


  5. Really Jenny, how many Chinamen have you bowled over in a former life? You must be starting to wonder (like we have) what else can go wrong? All the best for your sojourn back to England and here’s hoping that nothing else fails on the barge whilst you and Adrian are away. xx


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