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We have been keeping in touch with our New Zealand friends throughout our time here – particularly with the Akaroa crew because of the difficulties they have been having up at Moret sur Loing. Well they were finally moved up into the Canal du Loing last weekend. They still couldn’t go anywhere by boat but they could leave the boat! So on Monday Jacqui and Martin came by Train to meet us at Decize to have a few days away from worry that is Moret sur Loing. They were just so to be off the boat.The weather remained wet at first but then started to improve so that by Wednesday it was sunny and hot. Really hot. What a dramatic change.

Tuesday evening we invited Tony and Sue on ‘Waimanu’ to join us for a Pierade supper on deck – none of them had tried this before but all seemed to enjoy! It’s great ‘cos you cook the spuds and then everyone cooks their own meat & veg on the hot stone and grills their cheese under it, easy but fun entertaining! Sue even brought the salad!!


Collette managed to fit us in for lunch on Wednesday along with a Harley Davidson group that meet up each year. Apparently several of them were escort motorcycle riders for M. le President, but are all retired now, but not from biking!
As usual we had a delicious meal, under the trees in the garden, and literally spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping it off. Another boater commented on us lazing in the sunshine on deck and described it as a ‘punishing lunch’. Apt, I suppose, but not at all a punishment in my eyes!

Then on Thursday, having asked if the national day of strikes would affect the eclusiers on the Nivernais (not that we got any sort of definitive answer ‘cos strikes are supposed to catch you unawares’ according to the lady in the Capitannerie at Decize!) we set off in blazing sunshine to start up the Nivernais. Even in the few days we’d been at Decize the river had quietened down a lot.
It was good having extra crew because we were able to put the bimini up and down as necessary – and for most bridges on the Nivernais it has to be down. But it was so hot and the sun so strong that Adrian would have expired without the shade when driving. Jacqui even broke out their golfing umbrella at one point.
Jacqui has been here about a month but this was the first cruising she has done because they have been stuck. They both soon got back into the swing!




So we have reached Cercy la Tour and can now moor on the river Aaron here – lovely little place with the Madonna of the Nivernais looking down from the hill above

We were all up quite early awaiting the Brexit results. Really can’t believe that this has actually happened – I think it will cause mayhem throughout UK for many years to come – not at all what we need, Crazy. Jacqui, Martin, Sue and Tony were with us to listen to Cameron address the nation. Maybe we should fly our flag at half mast.

Adrian then drove Jacqui and Martin back to Decize today so that they can get the train back to Moret as they have to move their boat at the weekend. They have to leave because they can’t moor at the pontoons and the Canal isn’t yet open so they will be going up the Yonne and the Seine and then deciding thereafter.

Tony and Sue joined us at Cercy la Tour last night so we’ll be carrying up the Nivernais together tomorrow. Tony and I even went for a dip in the river today to cool off.

Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

2 thoughts on “NZ visitors”

  1. Hallo dear friends. Here we are awaiting the opening of the Yonne with Henk and Bern. As always wonderful times. Henk excelled by coming a huge cropper off his bike the second day we were aboard! Blood and cracked ribs no less…but you know Henk! Even drove a Dutch couples boat back to Tonnerrre when we were in St Floentin when Maartin became very ill. He declined any thanks but they hunted us down and today arrived with wine as a thank you. Henk has to be the worlds greatest gentleman. Oh the life on the French canals, such joy. I think possibly this is our last as at almost 83 some things are too much for me love of me life! Though he had had to do more than the cpect d and done it well. Heave ho!
    Pity to miss you both and Elizabeth and David. Had hoped to catch up in Dijon with E and D but strikes made it uncertain. Anyway, keep the blogs going, we love them and it keeps us in touch. Much love, Annie and Tony


  2. Thanks Annie – lovely to hear from you & glad to hear you are able to do some cruising.
    Poor Henk! Hope he is better now. Tony, as ever, to the rescue!
    We are pottering slowly so not sure if we will catch you up. so sorry to miss you too. xxxx


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