Dawdling around Decize

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Well we arrived in Decize on 9th Sept & spent a couple of nights on the river mooring by the old town in glorious sunshine and then moved into the recently done up port when the weather was due to change for the worst. I washed everything in sight on Friday before the rains came over the weekend.

We stayed in the new port last year and were impressed with the high tech security. This year they seemed to have lowered their prices so as to encourage more boaters so it really is very reasonable now – 9 euros a day inc water & electric.

On Wednesday Adrian decided we should go out to dinner and hunted on Trip Advisor for a suitable establishment. He found a little place just outside of town that seemed to have great reviews. He booked it and orf we jolly well went. Took a while to find the place but eventually we drove down a little track off the road and found Collette’s house cum restaurant. And what a find it was!

‘Raboliot’ – Poacher – is named after the novel of the same name by Maurice Genevoix a local author. It fronts onto the Canal Laterale a la Loire so it is possible to moor up and dine out!

The menu is simple – no choices to make – just whatever she is cooking that evening! For us it was charcuterie, omelette, cheese followed by pineapple upside down cake! We started off out under the trees but moved indoors as the evening cooled.

There we got talking to a french couple – M & Mme Robert – delightful couple and he has a very drole sense of hunour! They are regulars at Raboliot eating there at least once most weeks.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and were delighted to learn that Collette was hosting a jazz duo on the Friday. We contacted Bruce at Gannay and booked up for the Friday night extranvaganza…… When we arrived Sharon and Alan from Drumsara were also there so we had an extremely jolly evening – Adrian said ours was the noisiest table! There were about 40 people at the do and the weather held out so that everyone was outside enjoying the music, Collette’s buffet & chatting with all around. Beatrice and Gilbert spent quite a lot of time at our table as Beatrice just loved Chilley (Sharon and Alan’s dog. M & Mme Robert were there for a while too and so we had a glass of wine with them! M Robert showed me the large box of figs from his trees that he had brought for Collette – and I asked why he hadn’t brought us any! So, a couple of days later we had a call from M Robert and we arranged an afternoon trip back to Raboliot to collect some figs!

Another lovely sunny day so we were able to sit outside and enjoy freshly made gauffres with home made jam – fig of course!

Sharon and Alan also had a visit from Beatrice and Gilbert – so that was another very boozy event. I wasn’t too well the next day and so we didn’t go with Sharon & Alan to visit Beatrice and Gilbert’s beautiful house. Sharon brought back little peaches from their garden!


So then, on Weds 16th we had a ‘eat up’ on Bruce’s boat as he is returning to the States at the weekend. A huge paella followed by barbecued figs and plums and peaches poached in amerretto.


The whole week has been superb and the catalyst was Collette & Raboliot – the atmosphere at her little restaurant is such that connections and friendships are formed. Thanks Collette!

And Bon Voyage to Bruce and Sharon & Alan!

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Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

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