2015 – part 2

We spent a rather hectic August back home in Buckden – seeing the kids, grandkid, other family and friends. We did lots of exciting things – theatre, London Eye, museums, farewell party on the meadow (saying bye bye to Trish who is moving away from the Old Flour Mills) to name but a few.

And then suddenly it was time to head back to France, Piedaleau and our ‘other’ life.

So, on Weds 2nd, after a very early start (2.30am to be precise!), followed by a return home 10 mins later to collect our french motorway ‘clicker’ which was in my car but we had decided to take Adrian’s! Senior moments are us! For those of you who don’t know about this little gizmo it really is great – you attach it to your car windscreen, then when you approach the barrier at a toll booth on french motorway it magically raises in front of you! No queuing or having to reach over to the machine, or even sometimes getting out and walking around to the other side of the car cos you’re in a right hand drive car ………the only downside is the monthly bill! But I is so much quicker and easier. So we couldn’t come to France without it……

Luckily our little detour did not cause us to miss our 5.45 chunnel booking.

We took turns driving and zzzzing our way down through France and around the Paris peripherique and arrived at Baye around 3.00pm.

Then we unpacked and looked about……..

And what did I spot? A Sheerline 955 coming towards us!!!!

Got out me binoculars to check I wasn’t seeing things and then said hello to Ilona and her crew!

They were heading towards the tunnels, so going in the opposite direction to us, and invited us to join them for a drink on the other side of the tunnels. So, an hour or so later we drove over to meet Richard and Fiona.

We had actually seen them in April ….. luckily I don’t think they heard what I said at the time…… ‘my other boat’s a Sheerline’! Adrian was mortified at the time! But I can’t say that anymore….

Apparently they had seen photos of Misty Morning on Sheerline’s website and had tried to contact me before they brought their boat over  but without success, as no one would give them my details even though I’d told Gary at Sheerline that I would be pleased to be in contact with other Sheerline owners over here.

We had a most enjoyable drinkie poo and then Adrian and I went to the local restaurant, as we were beyond cooking after our long day.

So we stayed Thurs and Friday at Baye, recovering from the journey and doing various little jobs…. we put up Tom’s clock and barometer from Misty Morning and the water colour that Peter Shipley did of Misty Morning at Chatillon en Bazois. Lovely to have mementos of Misty Morning on Piedaleau.

We left Baye on Saturday 5th September on a calm, if overcast morning and headed down the Canal du Nivernais. One of our early challenges was the very low bridge at PK62 – marked as height restriction of 2.7m. We had driven down to check it out whilst we were in Migennes, so we knew the 2.7m was at the sides and that, provided we kept to the middle we would be alright. We did and we were – a celebratory cheer went up.


Our second eclusier asked if we would like to hear some music while the lock was emptying……. he picked up his hurdy gurdy machine and played for us. A delightful first!


And tonight we are moored at Chatillon-en-Bazois and I have taken Piedaleau’s photo in front of the chateau for posterity’s sake.



Author: mistyjf

I have been boating in Europe since 2009 when I shipped Misty Morning to France. Time & life move on! Adrian, my new partner, & I bought Piedaleau in 2015 to continue and expand our European boating adventures.

8 thoughts on “2015 – part 2”

  1. Halo, halo, halo! Here we are with Bern in Lyon…Henk arrived and had to leave again! We will head off in three days, Bern and Tony at the helm. Heading back to Macon and on…oh joy! Lovely seeing familiar photos of Baye, reflections when we were there were amazing. Happy travelling, Anne and Tony.


      1. Back home, unfortunately and back to work tomorrow. Work…the curse of the bargeing class. Not working too hard, though.
        We’ll be applying the 6 month visa for next year. Seeing as how we’re Americans don’t know if they’ll let us in! See you in early May, we hope. You’re wintering where?


  2. Hi Jenny and Adrian, we had a lovely week in France, gave us a chance to relax after our exciting time to Canada and Alaska. I think I mentioned to you that we would be on the Canal from the 20th August, we are still out after140 locks ( only 1 managed on the River Soar)! We’ve had a great time travelling with friends on their downsized 26′ Sea Otter. We have travelled The Leicester Ring which takes in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire,Derbyshire Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire, we took James’s Boxer dog with us as well 🐶 xxx

    Sent from my HTC
    Best Regards

    Jill Pinnock
    JPH-Group Inc, JP Hygiene, Glassbar and Million Dollar Design


    1. Glad you enjoyed the Leics ring – we had hoped to pop up to visit you but time was against us – Aug literally flew by!

      Much love
      J & A x


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