Bye bye Misty Morning

A brief post just to let you know that Misty Morning has been sold and is now on the Thames. I think she may keep her name, which I am pleased about.

I hope her new owners have as much fun and adventure on her  as I have had. I know many of you have also had good times on her and wish her (and them) well!

Thanks to all my family and friends who joined me over the 6 summers Misty Morning & I spent in France.  We had some challenges …. but it really has been brilliant!

If you see her give her a wave!


summer 2010 584France 09 230_PS

Author: mistyjf

I enjoy spending time with family and friends; boating; and travelling – especially France! So, in 2009, I linked all these things together and shipped my boat, Misty Morning, to France. I spend as much time as possible cruising the French inland waterways. I have lots of fun, some adventures and have met some great people along the way…. I now have a new partner, Adrian, and we have a new boat together. The story continues on Piedaleau ……..

10 thoughts on “Bye bye Misty Morning”

  1. Excellente Nouvelle !! Combien de wine bottles pour célébrer ce passage de propriété ? 😉
    J’ai aussi vendu mon voilier à Crotone (Calabria) Italia la semaine passée !!:)

    Bonnes navigations à vous trois (Jenny, Adrian and Piedalau !)


  2. Oh, congratulations! Second happiest day in a boat owners life. Home tomorrow. Oldtimer sleeps in St. Jean awaiting our return in the spring. Happy sailing rest of the summer!
    Don and Cathy Jo


  3. If it hadn’t been for the fair Misty Morning we wouldn’t have met you! I hope she enjoys her new owners, we know they will love her. x Anne


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