Not all about boats

I want to share 2 non-boaty type things with you all

Many of you will know that 8th March is International Women’s Day, originally called International Working Women’s Day.

I usually attend a’Women’s Weekend’ with a group of amazing, inspirational and fun women. We meet up in a different venue each year and enjoy talking, walking and eating and drinking – and there’s usually some dancing – together! I just love it !

But this year I couldn’t be there because we had to go to France to pack up Misty Morning. So, when Elizabeth invited us to dinner at Cascarot on Saturday 7th March, as she had some German guests for the weekend, I took the opportunity for us 3 (a German, an Aussie and moi!) women to raise a glass together in celebration of International Women’s Day!


And secondly Lisa took Adrian and I to see Lionel Richie at the Arena in Nottingham on Tuesday for our Christmas pressie!

What a blast!! I saw him several years ago in Birmingham with Trish and Tom and was a little fearful in case he had aged as much as me! Needn’t have worried it was truly amazing! Lionel was on stage for over an hour and a half and blasted out all my favourites – Dancing on the Ceiling, All Night Long, Ballerina Girl, Stuck on You, Say You Say Me, You are My Destiny…….

The Arena was packed, everyone dancing (especially Lisa and me!) and singing along. Brilliant!!

20150317_215442 20150317_221400

Author: mistyjf

I enjoy spending time with family and friends; boating; and travelling – especially France! So, in 2009, I linked all these things together and shipped my boat, Misty Morning, to France. I spend as much time as possible cruising the French inland waterways. I have lots of fun, some adventures and have met some great people along the way…. I now have a new partner, Adrian, and we have a new boat together. The story continues on Piedaleau ……..

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